Pastor Brian Amoateng
Pastor Brian Amoateng

In these hard times of Coronavirus, each and everyone is contributing a quota to help stop the spread.

Musician Criss Waddle, for example, said yesterday that he knows the Government is under pressure so in other to help in his little way, he sent gallons of hand sanitizers to 3 Major Hospitals — all expenses covered by himself.

Well, people expect churches to show up and provide some level of help during these times but it’s as if they’re all as good as mute.

Actress Efia Odo came out yesterday calling on all Mega churches to come out and provide relief materials such as toilet rolls, hand sanitizers, etc. to their members.

But Ghanaian clergyman, Pastor Brian Amoateng says it doesn’t make sense to call on churches to provide help. Because that’s not the duty of the church.

Pastor Brian Amoateng

He added that the fact that people pay money to the church doesn’t mean the church should also help in hard times like this of the Coronavirus.

He remarked that when people pay tithes and offerings, they pay to God not to their Pastor.

Pastor Amoateng said in the Facebook live video;

“If we don’t have money to pay rents, where are we going to get money to buy hand sanitizers?

“And let me tell you, it’s not the responsibility of the church to but hand sanitizers for you because you give offering. It is not. You give offering to God to receive a blessing. It’s not compulsory that the church has to bring you hand sanitizers.

“The bible says that God loves a cheerful giver. It should be out of a cheerful heart. You shouldn’t give to the church and expect favour in return.

“You give to God — not your pastor. You give to God to receive a blessing. And a blessing is something that you don’t see. It’s not physical — it’s an invisible force that’s comes upon your life to prosper…so stop thinking that the church has to bring you hand sanitizers.”

His Assistant pastor also added;

“I believe that the government has to provide for its citizens. Also, hand sanitizers shouldn’t be politicised. You buy your own toothpaste and washing gel so you should buy your own hand sanitizer. What the church has done is to provide hand sanitizers at the premises.”

The video has led to outcry as some social media users described it as insensitive.

Watch the video below;

The Pastor after coming under heavy criticisms came out to apologise.


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