The number of confirmed cases of coronavirus has shot up by 13,903 in one day, according to the World Health Organisation, with 167,511 people around the world infected with Covid-19 as of 16 March.

As the deadly outbreak continues to spread, countries around the world are closing their borders and entering lockdown.

The FCO has extended its list of countries to avoid as new travel restrictions mean it’s getting harder to get in and out of countries.

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Spain is currently in a State of Emergency for an indefinite period, with many local restrictions in place. 

According to the FCO: 

Transport services will be operating at reduced levels.

Public gatherings are banned, most shops, many businesses and all schools and universities are closed, and residents have been instructed to remain at home as much as possible.

There are limited, specific exceptions to the requirement to remain at home, in particular in order to buy food or other essential items, to return home to the primary residence, to go to work if unable to work from home and to carry out caring or similar duties.

In addition, from 17 March until the end of the State of Emergency, the country will be closing its land borders. Travellers will not be able to enter Spain via road unless they are Spanish citizens, residents, frontier workers or can proof they have a specific reason for entry. 

The country’s air and maritime borders remain open for the time being. 


The FCO is warning British nationals in Tunisia to urgently leave the country.

All flights from Tunisia will be suspended from 18 March, including those to the UK. The country’s coastal borders are already closed.

You should contact your airline or tour operator and “arrange to leave as soon as possible”.


As the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread, almost 14,000 new cases were confirmed on 16 March according to the World Health Organisation.

Four new countries have been added to the list of infected nations: Uzbekistan, Uruguay, Rwanda and the Seychelles. 

Overnight, the FCO has extended the list of countries that British nationals should avoid non-essential travel to. 


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