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Angel Obinim has on several occasions bragged that he has the power to cure all manner of sickness.

He once said that even HIV/AIDS cannot stand his presence.

So during this time of Coronavirus outbreak, we all expect him to come out and start healing all the people that tested positive but that hasn’t been the case.

He’s rather busy fighting Kennedy Agyapong.

Well, rapper Criss Waddle has a piece of message for him.

Via his Twitter handle, the AMG Business CEO threatened the founder and leader of The International God’s Way Church that if this virus subsides and he ever come out to brag again, he (Waddle) will give him a slap he’ll never forget.

“All the Sickness Obenim claims he cures,if he doesn’t do any magic now and I see him shouting after this pandemic,he go take slap way e Dey make person turn mumu “, Waddle tweeted.

Meanwhile, one pastor has come out to say that Nana Addo should give him the chance to heal Coronavirus patients.


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