Pop star Justin Bieber has filed a $20 million defamation lawsuit against two women who have accused him of sexual assault. The two women came forward early last week. Only days later, Bieber filed the suit, claiming these allegations were “fabricated.”

Two Accusations of Sexual Assault

The two women made their accusations on Twitter early last week. The Twitter handles @ItsnotKadi and @danielleglvn identify the women as “Kadi” and “Danielle,” although their full identities remain concealed. Danielle has since deleted her Twitter account. Danielle claimed that Bieber assaulted her at the Four Seasons Hotel in Austin, Texas, on March 9, 2014. Shortly after Danielle posted her accusation, Kadi tweeted a lengthy post with the caption:
I believe Danielle, I am a victim of sexual assault by Justin Bieber too pic.twitter.com/AA0Y72xE1s — Kadi (@ItsnotKadi) June 21, 2020
Kadi’s post details her alleged assault taking place on May 5, 2015 at the Langham Hotel in Manhattan. She has yet to respond to requests for comment by any news source.

Questionable Allegations

The defamation lawsuit outlines extensive evidence that contradicts women’s stories. The suit calls the allegations “factually impossible, and disproven both by indisputable documentary evidence and the individuals’ own admissions.” The report also alleges that a single person might be running both accounts. The filing states that, “Danielle fabricated her sexual encounter with Bieber at the Four Seasons Hotel because it was publicly reported that Bieber had dinner at the Four Seasons Restaurant on March 10, 2014 and presumed that Bieber was at the hotel because of the public reports of him dining at the restaurant.” He was not, however, staying in that hotel at that time. During the alleged time of Kadi’s assault, Bieber was at a Met Gala afterparty with “dozens of witnesses.” The filing also cites many past statements that undermine Kadi’s allegations. Kadi has displayed, on a number of occasions, the extreme desire to be famous. Pinned to the top of her Twitter page is a collection of images of herself with the caption, “I wanna star in a netflix series! twitter do ur thing.” While a dream of starring in a TV series certainly does not disprove her allegations, Bieber’s defense team will likely accuse the young woman of fame-seeking. Furthermore, Kadi has tweeted some fanatical messages at Bieber. For example, since the date of the alleged assault, she has tweeted “I swear if we don’t meet I’ll find you and f— you @justinbieber #JustinForMMVA.” On another occasion she wrote, “@justinbieber … you’re so cute I love You!!! I’ll pay you to rape me, ok?”

Bieber’s Statement

Bieber responded to the allegations within the day, writing, “Rumors are rumors but sexual abuse is something I don’t take lightly. I wanted to speak out right away but out of respect to so many victims who deal with these issues daily I wanted to make sure I gathered the facts before I made any statement.” Upon filing in the defamation suit in California State Court for the County of Los Angeles, he commented that… “Every claim of sexual abuse should be taken very seriously and this is why my response was needed. However this story is factually impossible and that is why I will be working with twitter and authorities to take legal action.”


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