Good parenting plays a major role during the developmental stages of children. In fact the presence and full participation of both parents makes child development holistic. Broken homes on the other hand mostly affects child development and growth adversely.

This is the more reason why, in times of dispute, some couples find a mutual ground to settle their differences and either get back together or still remain in good terms for the sake of their children even if they divorce or separate.

However, others resort to causing of grievous damages to their partners in revenge, anytime there is a break-up or if things fail to work out as expected.

Speaking from the perspective of women, the very vocal female vlogger stated that, some women develop a mindset of making life a living hell for their baby daddies, if they don’t have their way. According her, there are some men out there who genuinely loves their children and wish to be with them but these kids are denied that taste of fatherhood because their mothers want to prove a point.

She added that, instead of prioritizing the well-being of children, some women rather use these kids as bates to get their way through their fathers and if they fail to get what they want, they do everything possible to prevent them from having access to their kids ever again in their entire lives.

She advised that, baby mamas should learn to place all differences aside and allow their partners to be part of their children’s lives to help them develop and stop trying to control and maltreat men who try hard to have access to their kids. Watch the video below.


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