The Office of the Special Prosecutor has rejected a petition by Alliance for Social Equity and Public Accountability (ASEPA) that requested the Office to look into the recent acts of corruption in the fight against illegal mining in the country.

In response to the petition, the office indicated that it will not be in the interest of the country for another investigation to be conducted as investigations by the Criminal Investigations Department are already underway.

ASEPA petitioned the Office for the enforcement of small scale mining laws with a focus on the Inter-Ministerial Committee against Illegal Mining and the anti-illegal mining task force, Operation Vanguard.

The Special Prosecutor’s office, however, says the matter presented to them does not raise questionable issues in terms of corruption to warrant their attention.

“A review of your letter of complaint, however, has led this Office to the conclusion that the facts and conjects upon which underpin your complaint do not raise any issues of corruption and corruption-related offences as narrowly defined under section 79 of office of the Special Prosecutor Act, 2017 (Act 959) to warrant any investigations by this Office.

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