Twenty-two assembly members of the Tarkwa Nsuaem Municipal Assembly are threatening to seek an injunction on the election of a Municipal Chief Executive after the former one was sacked by the President earlier this month.

According to the disgruntled assembly members, they were prevented from entering the hall where the confirmation of the President’s MCE-nominee, Benjamin Kessie, was being held.

This was after the MCE failed to secure the needed two-thirds of the vote during the first round of elections last Wednesday.

He only managed to secure 22 YES votes from the 42 assembly members who voted.

Mr. Kessie’s nomination comes after the President dismissed the former MCE, Gilbert Kennedy Asmah, last week without giving any explanation.

Speaking to Citi News, an Assembly Member for the Benso Electoral Area, Frank Justin Afful said they will use all available means to challenge the confirmation of the MCE.

“We have spoken to our lawyers and they are preparing our case…to send it to court and then put an injunction on whatever has transpired.”

“We 22 assembly members went there. We were denied access into the auditorium. Eight assembly members entered. Thirteen appointees entered. We, the 22 of us, were denied access to the room,” he recounted.

He further alleged that some of them were assaulted.

“They didn’t explain anything to us to the extent of them beating us. I am a victim of that. I was beaten mercilessly as I am talking to you.”


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